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Gaelic Leather Plus Polish

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How to Use Gaelic Leather Plus Polish:

Clean the Leather:

Begin by cleaning the leather surface with a mild leather cleaner to remove dirt and debris. Ensure the surface is dry before applying Leather Plus Polish.

Shake Well:

Shake the Leather Plus Polish bottle well to ensure an even distribution of the polish.

Apply a Small Amount:

Using an applicator or a soft cloth, apply a small amount of Leather Plus Polish. A little goes a long way, so use sparingly for optimal results.

Spread Evenly:

Spread the polish evenly across the leather surface. Ensure complete coverage, working in small sections for a uniform shine.

Allow Absorption:

Let Leather Plus Polish absorb into the leather for a few minutes. This allows the conditioning agents to penetrate and nourish the material.

Buff for Shine:

After absorption, use a clean, dry cloth to gently buff the leather. This enhances the shine and leaves a polished, non-greasy finish.

Enjoy the Luxurious Feel:

Revel in the enhanced texture and luxurious feel of your car’s leather interior treated with Gaelic Leather Plus.


How Gaelic Leather Plus Polish is Made:

  1. Premium Ingredients Selection:

Leather Plus begins with the careful selection of premium conditioning agents, protectants, and gloss enhancers to create a formula that brings out the best in your leather.

  1. Precision Mixing:

The ingredients are meticulously mixed to create a balanced formula that delivers optimal conditioning, protection, and a luxurious shine.

  1. pH-Balanced Formulation:

Leather Plus Polish is formulated with a pH-balanced approach, ensuring it is safe for all types of leather and provides lasting protection.

  1. Quality Control Checks:

Our manufacturing process includes rigorous quality control checks at various stages to ensure the consistency, effectiveness, and safety of Gaelic Leather Plus.

  1. Versatile Leather Compatibility:

Leather Plus is formulated to be compatible with various types of automotive leather, providing versatility in its application.

6. Ready to Unleash Luxury:

Gaelic Leather Plus is the result of meticulous craftsmanship and stringent testing. It is ready to bring unmatched luxury and protection to your car’s leather interior.


Gaelic Leather Plus – Nourish, Protect, and Revel in Opulence.

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