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Gaelic Tyre Tonner Polish

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How to Use Gaelic Tyre Tonner:

Clean Your Tires: Begin with clean, dry tires. Ensure that the surface is free from dirt, dust, and debris. You may use a tire cleaner for thorough cleaning.

Shake Well: Shake the Gaelic Tyre Tonner bottle well before use. This ensures that the formula is evenly mixed for optimal performance.

Apply Evenly: Using the included applicator or a clean cloth, apply Gaelic Tyre Tonner evenly on the tire surface. Start from the top and work your way down to ensure complete coverage.

Spread and Massage: Spread the product across the tire surface, massaging it in for a uniform application. Ensure that the entire sidewall and tread are covered.

Let it Dry: Allow Gaelic Tyre Tonner to dry for at least 10-15 minutes. During this time, avoid driving or exposing the tires to water.

Buff for Shine: If desired, use a clean, dry cloth to buff the tires gently. This step enhances the shine and ensures a polished finish.

Enjoy the Shine: Hit the road and enjoy the head-turning shine Gaelic Tyre Tonner brings to your wheels. Reapply as needed for a consistent and lasting gloss.


How Gaelic Tyre Tonner is Made:

  1. Premium Ingredients Selection:

Gaelic Tyre Tonner begins with the careful selection of premium ingredients. We source high-quality polymers, conditioners, and gloss enhancers to create a formula that stands out in the automotive care industry.

  1. Precision Mixing:

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process involves precision mixing of the ingredients. The proportions are carefully measured to create a balanced formula that delivers optimal gloss, durability, and tire protection.

  1. Quality Control Checks:

Quality control is a cornerstone of our manufacturing process. At various stages, the product undergoes rigorous checks to ensure it meets our stringent quality standards. This includes testing for consistency, effectiveness, and safety.

  1. Advanced Formulation:

Gaelic Tyre Tonner features an advanced formulation that goes beyond basic tire shine. Our team of experts continually refines the formula to incorporate the latest advancements in tire care technology.

  1. Comprehensive Testing:

Before reaching your hands, Gaelic Tyre Tonner undergoes comprehensive testing to ensure its performance in various conditions. This includes real-world testing to verify its resistance to weather, UV rays, and road contaminants.

  1. Ready for the Road:

Once the Gaelic Tyre Tonner passes all quality checks and testing, it is ready to elevate your driving experience. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every bottle delivers the Gaelic standard of quality to your wheels.


Gaelic Tyre Tonner – Crafted for Excellence, Engineered for Brilliance.


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