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Detailing Essentials

Elevate Your Car Detailing Experience with Gaelic’s Comprehensive Detailing Essentials:

Explore a new level of precision and care for your cherished vehicle with Gaelic’s expanded range of premium detailing essentials. In addition to our existing collection, we are delighted to introduce the Multi-Purpose Brush Set, Spray Jar, Masking Tape, and Wax Pad, ensuring every aspect of your car detailing needs is met with the highest quality tools.

Microfiber Cloth Towels:

Indulge in the luxury of our ultra-soft microfiber cloth towels. Specially designed to be gentle on your vehicle’s surfaces, these towels effortlessly lift and trap dust, ensuring a streak-free shine. Whether wiping down your car’s exterior or pampering the interior, Gaelic’s microfiber cloths are the epitome of detailing finesse.

Specialized Tyre Brush:

Give your tires the attention they deserve with our specialized tyre brush. Engineered for both durability and effectiveness, this brush reaches into every nook and cranny, removing dirt and grime to reveal a rejuvenated, glossy finish. Gaelic’s tyre brush is the essential tool for achieving showroom-worthy tyres.

Carpet Brush:

Revitalize your car’s interior with Gaelic’s carpet brush. Designed to penetrate carpet fibers and lift embedded dirt, this brush restores the plushness and vibrancy of your car’s carpets. Say goodbye to stubborn stains as you effortlessly renew your car’s interior to its original glory.

Alloy Cleaning Brush:

Preserve the gleam of your alloy wheels with Gaelic’s alloy cleaning brush. Engineered with precision, this brush navigates the intricate patterns of your wheels, ensuring a thorough clean without scratching the surface. Reveal the brilliance of your alloy wheels with Gaelic’s trusted cleaning companion.

Polishing Foam Pads (3, 5, 6 inches):

Achieve a flawless finish with Gaelic’s range of polishing pads. Available in 3, 5, and 6-inch sizes, these foam pads provide the perfect surface for applying and buffing polishes and waxes. Experience professional-grade results as you enhance the shine and luster of your vehicle’s exterior.

Wool Pads (3, 5, 6 inches):

For heavier-duty polishing needs, Gaelic offers wool pads in 3, 5, and 6-inch sizes. These pads are designed to tackle tougher imperfections and deliver a high-gloss finish. The combination of quality wool and meticulous craftsmanship ensures optimal performance in your detailing routine.


Squeegee Set for PPF:

Perfect your Paint Protection Film (PPF) application with Gaelic’s Squeegee Set. This comprehensive set includes specially designed squeegees for precise and bubble-free installation of PPF, ensuring a seamless protective layer for your vehicle’s paint.

Backup Plate for Polisher:

Enhance your polishing capabilities with Gaelic’s Backup Plate for your polisher. Crafted with durability and performance in mind, this backup plate provides stability and balance during polishing, allowing you to achieve professional-grade results with ease.

Multi-Purpose Brush Set:

Tackle every nook and cranny with Gaelic’s Multi-Purpose Brush Set. Designed for versatility, these brushes are perfect for intricate detailing tasks, reaching areas that require extra attention and care.

Spray Jar:

Experience convenience with Gaelic’s Spray Jar. Ideal for dispensing detailing solutions, this jar ensures controlled and efficient application, making your detailing routine a breeze.

Masking Tape:

Achieve precision in your detailing tasks with Gaelic’s Masking Tape. Whether defining lines during waxing or protecting delicate areas, this tape ensures clean and professional results.

Wax Pad:

Apply wax with ease using Gaelic’s Wax Pad. Designed for optimal product distribution, this pad ensures a smooth and even wax application for a lasting, high-gloss finish.

Detailing Equipment and Accessories:

Complementing our brushes, towels, pads, and specialty tools, Gaelic offers a range of detailing equipment and accessories. From foam applicators for precision waxing to detailing brushes for intricate areas, our collection ensures you have the right tools at your disposal for a comprehensive detailing experience.

At Gaelic, we believe that detailing is an art, and our detailing essentials are the brushstrokes that bring out the masterpiece in your vehicle. Each product is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and delivering an unparalleled car care experience. Elevate your detailing routine with Gaelic’s comprehensive detailing essentials – where precision meets passion. Visit to explore our complete range and transform your car detailing into a truly refined art form.